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About Text To Voice

Text To Voice The future

cloud-based text to speech conversion is an upcoming market that replaces traditional human voice over requirements and is cheaper to use in your day to day life whether it be a pre-recorded phone menu, hospitals, government departments, fire services, youtube videos.


Experience a new age of intelligence

Text To Voice is the no. 1 leader in generating near human-like voices with SSML effects. We are constantly improvising our services and we believe that text to speech is the future and can be utilised in many ways.

We are newly launched and use all the big 4 cloud providers to generate near human-like voices. We strive to provide 100% user satisfaction and if somehow you need a customise plan we can create the same for you.

Our Approach

An easy to use text to speech converter offering various voices for your needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality SAAS platform for speedy text to speech conversion